Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From My Notebook: 3 Poems

One of the main reasons that I haven't been posting very often on here lately is that my PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options) classes have started up and I haven't had much free time. One of my courses is Literature, and as an assignment, my teacher had us write 3 poems. I liked them enough that I thought I'd share them on here.

The only requirement for this one was that it be about death.

The True Name of Death

What is the final breath?
What is the true name of death?
A black hole in space
An unfinished race
The boom as a building comes down
The zoom as an airplane leaves ground
Perhaps it is the mourn of a dove
Or forever crushed and shattered love
Call it what you wish
But what I know for sure is this;
When the last shovelfuls fall
Death I will call


For the next one, it had to be a vivid memory of someone special to me.

Those Golden Days

Behind my eyelids, I can see
The times we spent in youth
Like a golden flickering film, filled with truth

Outside the church, we spent the days playing
Even when the skies were grey
The time with you drove the gloom away

We’d serve each other our favorite pops
In our secret hiding place
Underneath the rotting stair case

Or we’d see who was brave enough
To climb the mountain of rubble that towered
Not even my fear of heights would let you call me coward

We were children and we spent it all playing
Those days will forever be gilded with gold
But when you left… that’s when the memories grow cold

And this last one had to be a descriptive one using metaphors, similes and all that stuff.

The Autumn Storm

Alone in my room,
I hear the wind scream eternal
Loneliness drips off the roof
And plops down in puddles of tears

I close my window against it all
The sounds of sorrow are drowned
With the music I turn up loud
But still, the chill of a dying summer
Seeps into my bones

I try to warm myself back to life
With imagination, like a blanket
But when I wrap up, I find it worn
Not even this escape can keep out the cold

So I confront it
Throw the windows open wide
The rumblings of past memories
Fill my head. They flash forks of pain down my spine
Raindrops, big and warm, fall and wet my carpet
And the wind howls with accusations

I scream back into the chaos
And it all goes still
Sunlight, so golden, breaks through
The dark clouds of my heart

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